You like science, understand it, follow its developments, yet feel uncomfortable with how scientists describe the world you live in ?
Come talk about it.

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Ce que la science dit sur l’homme.

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Bullshit v. Science
Where we see that the Higgs Boson is different kinds of things to different kinds of people.

Contrast : Actual science guy trying to really explain stuff as we actually sort of understand it empirically : Michio Kaku talking crap, as a propagandist doing science marketing, i.e. lying to people who don’t know better : Who is really defending the cause of science, in so far as there were such a thing (...)
Brain optimization
Where we see that brain scientists think economists tell The Truth.

In this reasonably entertaining conference, although its contents are by now fairly old-news, Baba Shiv thinks he’s enlightening us about decision-making, because he has what he calls "data" (which the rest of us, presumably, don’t have). Here is the conclusion of the first part of this argument : emotions prevent us from making better, optimal (...)
The Four Horsemen of Neo-Atheism — Why stuff ?
Where a bunch of comfortable would-be liberals wonder why people are so stupid if scientists are so smart.

Dawkins, Dennet, Hitchens and Harris, the Four Horsemen of Neo-Atheism, get together around a few drinks in some nice house somewhere, to discuss their views on life, religion and everything. While, as you’d expect, the 2-hour conversation bristles with self-serving pro-domo circular reasoning, I have to say that they do come up with some new (...)
Beyond Belief 1 | 2006
Where we see that science can think different things.

This is the fairly amazing series that The Science Network did over the course of three years times three days. If you care about these things, it will fuel your thinking engine. You don’t have to watch it all in the same order, but if you want, you can.
La série de Sapolksi
Where we see that things are more complicated.

This is a very useful series of lectures by the fairly awesome, it has to be said, Robert Sapolski at Stanford. This series really covers all the useful things that one can say about the range of subjects that are relevant to life. Genetics, complex systems, game of life, brain science, it’s almost all there, with a comprehensive overview of (...)
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